SLOW [me] Monday....


Monday is half way done already...and what have I accomplished so far? Not much I'm afraid. I was able to do a batch of laundry but I still need to fold and put it away. I did a little work here and there and that's about it. The little one is a little sluggish today. She's complaining about a slight headache so I let her take a short nap...which is unusual because she doesn't like taking naps.

In a few minutes I have to start doing my usual tricks in the kitchen...dinner preps that is. I still have a lot of things in my 'imaginary to do list' like looking for the stainless steel drums that hubby asked me to search online. They've been busy at work that he doesn't have the time to look it up himself. I guess I have to do that after preparing dinner. Hopefully he won't call before then to ask if I already found what he asked me to look for. Toink...

So that's how our Monday is going. How about yours?


blessedmom said…
hi mommy j! musta na? sorry ngayon lang uli's ur little one? musta rin ang eyes natin? hope ok naman :)

thanks a lot for the visit and the comment..appreciate it mommy! :)

take care and kisses to ur lovely princess :)
ruthinian said…
I HATE MONDAYS. I dont know why but I just do.

Been a long time my friend. Wuzzup?
J said…
how's your week so far? eto balik routine na ulit ako.


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