Some Updates...sort of


Beautiful day outside today. The sun is out but it's a bit windy so it's not too hot although our thermometer is showing a temperature in the 80s. If I didn't have to work today, we'd probably be in the backyard already. Maybe later on when I'm no longer tied down here on the computer.

Work has been quite steady lately and I just don't want to miss out on it because we just never know when it's all going to stop coming again. Aside from work, I also have to attend to some stuff online like following up on the little one's costume which should have been here 2 weeks ago. Time is running out and they still haven't shipped it. It's very frustrating. Another thing that's stressing us out is the curio that we ordered a long time ago. The guy keeps on coming up with excuses so we're now talking with our lawyer to see what can be done about it.

We still need a curio so I am again busy surfing online for one that is close to the one we ordered from that guy. I haven't seen one that I like but I came across this barcelona chair in one of the sites I visited. Nope, we don't need a chair so I can't buy that now. Besides, before I get another chair, I would get me first a chaise that I've been wanting for the longest time.


J said…
good evening Tuks. almost midnight na. I'm super late today at ang daming errands. as usual kasi late na ako nagising kasi hindi ako nakatulog ng maayos last night.

ano ba yang delivery ng costume ni E. at this day and age, dapat mga online stores magpakatino. ang dami kayang choices. sana lang makarating bago Halloween para hindi naman siya disappointed.
Ciela said…
Sana naman umabot on time ang costume ni Erica. Good for you, dami work! STrike while the iron is hot!

Weekend na naman!!! I hope you have a wonderful one.
Ciela said…
Usyoso ko lang kung nakarating na yung costume ni E. Wag ka na maasar..
smile na lang! he he.. Ang sipag naman ni M. Sobrang serious sa kanyang work!

Mabuti naman at naawa si Ramil dito. Hindi siya nagsabog ng lagim. Tahimik siyang umalis. Sunny days here once again!Sana till next weekend, para makapag-outing na ulit.

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