It's cold here today...brrr! As expected, it's in the 50s when we woke up. The highest temperature will just be in the higher 50s to lower 60s so my usual summer get-up of shirt and shorts won't do it today. I could have stayed in my comfy pjs the whole day since we have no plans of going anywhere but I'd rather not.

After breakfast, I went through my clothes to choose something warmer to put on. I decided to pull out one of my jeans and put it on. I haven't worn the jeans since I got them in May of this year because it's way too hot here to wear jeans in the summer. What do you know? I could barely get in them. Not a surprise because I gained weight since then. I've been mulling the idea of looking for the best diet pill out there for months now but this may just make me look for it ASAP. Or maybe I can just start slowing down in my eating, eh?

Anyway, I better try on some of my pants now. I'm afraid I won't have anything that fits me when the winter weather really kicks in. And for the record, I'm still wearing the pants I tried on this morning....I can't take it off anymore...LOL.


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