Anxiously, I might add. For what? The much-delayed Halloween costume for the little one. According to the tracking it's out for delivery today. The little one is of course on pins and needles waiting for it since the time she woke up. I can understand her excitement because it's been close to a month since we placed the order...October 1 to be exact. We ordered it online and that's the reason why we did it a month in advance. So what gives? What took them this long to finally ship it?

According to the seller, the product had to be ordered from somewhere else so it takes time. The thing is, their website says that it takes 'up to 2 weeks' for their products to ship. Their customer service told me that their website says it takes 'at least 2 weeks to ship'. Hello?? That's the opposite. I was so close in canceling the order and I would if only it wasn't too late to look for another one.

They better deliver a 'perfect product' or they haven't heard the last of me.

Lesson learned: I will try to not order from these people again.


J said…
partial delivery lang ba? that really sucks. sana naman dumating ang buong outfit on time. grabe, anong klaseng service meron sila?

mga service providers are really money hungry. once they get you they keep increasing the monthly fees. now, that you're with Direct TV, I think they offer the most comprehensive channels ng TFC. Gusto ko sana Direct TV for that reason but because we live in a high rise, we are required to have the dish installed na free standing at hindi anchored on any of the walls sa building. kaya hanggang 2 channels Phil. channels lang meron kami through Cable Vision na taas ng taas din ang fees.

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