Another Month...


...and 2009 will be over. Huh? The last 5 weeks of this year will be very busy for us. One of the companies I work for has an ongoing project and I don't know how much more will be released. Since it came out around the Thanksgiving holiday, there's only a few of us who worked. By the looks of it, that will be the norm since it won't be long and the holiday rush will commence.

The husband is also very busy at work. He now has to work on Saturdays as well to be able to finish some jobs. They even had to hire some extra people to help them out to finish the job which is great. It's all good since they've been idle for a few months but the timing is just not the best. I'm pretty sure they will be working through the holidays as well. Not fun but they have to do what they have to do. Who am I to complain, right? We're still very lucky compared to a lot of people out there. Just having a job during this difficult economic time is something to be thankful for.

Anyway...I should be working. Believe it or not, I don't feel like it. Ha! Ironically, that's how it is. When there's no work...I complain about it. When there's work...I complain about it. In Tagalog: SALA sa LAMIG...SALA sa INIT! Waaahhhh....


hay ganun talaga. ako din e. sabi nga. the only way to appreciate your work is to imagine the time when you have none. or something. LOL.

anyways, i'm holding a contest pala and i'm whoring for sponsors. hee hee. it'd be great if you can sponsor :)

take care J!
Cecile said…
Jules, i agree with you; it is better to work till Saturday than not having a work. Hubby works night shift and every other Saturday, it was a hard work sched for him, but we can't complain.
J said…
ganun nga yata talaga. buti nga may trabaho di ba? huwag lang masyadong ma -stress.

eto nga and I'm back to normal with my routine na ulit. one week lang off pero nakakapanibago. it was raining all day yesterday kaya I was way off with my errands. before I knew it ang dilim na.
J said…
how was your Wednesday?

I have this nagging headache since last night.I woke up with it too kaya I just logged in just now. it's really annoying.

dropping by to wave at you hahaha.
Ciela said…
Lots of work equals lots of money! Wag lang sobrahan at baka matabunan ng pera, mahirap din! he he..

Have a relaxing Wednesday!(Thurs. here)
bluedreamer27 said…
haha me too i feel weird about myself... sometimes ayoko magwork tapos pagwlang work naman parang hindi ako mapakali hehe

J said…
umulan dito last night and this morning. dry yata kami this weekend but it will be really frigid. right now, we're in the 60's. grabe ang weather napaka- fickle minded hahaha.
Gorgeous MUM said…
Good to know that both you and the Husband are busy at work. You are blessed to have those jobs, unlike some. And yes, having a job in this financial crunch is indeed something to be thankful for!

Have a lovely weekend!

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