Creature of the Night.

That's our Little One for Halloween. If before we [I actually] can just dress her up and make her all cute and pretty, that's not the case this Halloween. She wanted to be a BAT...not 'Bat Girl' but a BAT!

The bat wings was the one that took forever to get here. Lots of people complimented her wings so I guess it's worth it. I told her she can use them again next year. Yeah, right! She said no of course. I told her she won't outgrow them so we can recycle them, right? But no can do so we'll see. Maybe she won't even want to be in costume next year....hehe....

That's about it for now. I have so much to blog about but I'm not in the mood. Why? CLUE: My less than a year old laptop decided to die on me....AGAIN!


J said…
late hop. as usual, tanghali ulit ng gising kaya parang trumpo towards the end of the day.

E's outfit is really awesome. It was worth the LONG wait after all. She really had a blast, I can tell.

Grabe your laptop ha. And they're supposed to be a reliable brand. But then again, anything is possible.

Hope you enjoyed your big day, and you're welcome. Trip ko lang i-surprise ka in my own little way.
Cecile said…
that was a nice costume, Jues; bagay sa kanya pati na rin yung posed niya :-)!
blessedmom said…
ganda talga ng daughter mo! tisay na tisay! :) love the costume din ha! :)

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