The Good and the Bad!


This weekend was a combo of good and not so good things for me. Let's start with the good. The weather was really nice. The little one was happily running around the yard while picking up dry leaves. I was on the back porch working while watching her. Now the bad. I wasn't feeling well. I started feeling yucky early in the day so I called my doctor and told him what's happening so he prescribed me some antibiotics. I took one as soon as we got them. I started to feel better but not without some side effects kicking in. What kind of side effects? Let me just say that I may not need those weight loss supplements to get rid of the weight I want off. Get it? I was up until after midnight with my 'porcelain' friend to keep me company. Hubby was worried of course but I pulled through...ha! I still have a few of the antibiotics to take but I am now scared to take them because I don't want to go through what I went through last night. BUT I know I should keep on taking them if I want to get rid of whatever has started everything anyway. But...


J said…
hala at ano yan? hope you're feeling better na.
Gorgeous MUM said…
Sending out get well wishes as you through another day! Hope you'll feel better soon!

Take care always!
Nancy Janiola said…
but???? hahahah!

i hate antibiotics too...di yata matanggap ng sikmura ko.. ewan! basta naduduwal ako lagi tuwing tini-take ko sya.

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