My '2001' Post


Yep, that means I've reached the 2,000 mark with the post prior to this one. Wow! I actually just saw it. So. For. My. 2001. Post. Let me share 2 of my most favorite pictures of the 2 most important people in my life right now...


Ciela said…
O0hhh.. I love these photos too! The strong bond between M and E is undeniable. Sweet Dad and affectionate Dawtah.. kainggit!
Very rare mag-appear dito si M huh!
Sana palagi mo idisplay ang kapogian nya. he he..

Alam mo wala na yata kapaguran ang mga bagyo dito. Xmas na, ulan pa rin.
Ang sagwa!
Ciela said…
Oops! Eto na naman dementia ko.. Congrats for reaching that 2000 mark with your posts. Obvious bang beterana na sa blogging? ha ha ha!!
J said…
right now I'm being reminded to take a good look kung nakailan post na ako on my blogs. I don't even pay attention to it. grabe, and daming stressors kasi.

good to know E's evaluation went well. I can imagine lang ang stress pag anak ng teacher. My Mom was a teacher too but she never taught sa school. Sa amin lang naging teacher, kakatakot.
blessedmom said…
hello hello mommy j! belated hapi b-day ha! cencia na delayed ang greeting! hehe :) nyways, love the pics especially the sweet! :)

take care mommy! salamat sa dalaw ha and the comment...appreciate it! :)
bluedreamer27 said…
wow amazing naman yun mommy J
congrats for reaching 2000 post over all.... hmmmmm naintriga tuloy ako kung ilan na ang post ko sa blog kop hehehe i think i better check them out
have a great day mommy J and happy blogging

DebbieDana said…
Awwwwwwwww! So sweet naman! I love those beautiful photos! Makes my heart soooooo tender!!!

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