Set of 3....???


Remember the belief that things happen in '3s', be it good or bad? I don't normally keep track but I thought it's interesting how some things [not so good things] unfolded in the most recent past in a group of 3.

First, my barely one year old laptop DIED. It just conked out on my birthday. No warning, no nothing whatsoever. Since it's not even a year old, the HP headquarters paid for everything including shipping. But that also means of at least a month of using my antique laptop which is OLD and SLOW...just like the owner. Har har har...

Second. I got sick/ill. Nothing serious but I was miserable for a few hours...almost a day actually. It spoiled what could have been a very good weekend. Well, sort of.

Third. My antique laptop died last night. Well, it 'dies' a lot already but I can revive it after a while. I can't blame it because it's overused. It's like a '24/7' servant for the last 6 years. Going back to the topic, yes, it suddenly died last night when I tried to turn it back on before going to bed. I just heard some 'spritzing' sounds from the plug then it went kaput. Good thing McGyver was still awake so he was able to do his magic and was able to bring it back to life. He had to do a major surgery on the pug, complete with cutting wires, replacing the plug and then taping everything back on.

Do I now believe that things [bad or good] happen in the set of '3'?? IDK....


J said…
oh my, when it rains it pours nga.

re: new lappy are they replacing it or repairing it again? if I were in your shoes nag-maldita na talaga ako and demand replacement.

the antique probably needs to retire hahaha. buti nga, your McGyver is able and handy.pag si F pa yan he won't dare touch it and would just tell me to stop using it.

it's been mild here mula kahapon. sana nga palaging ganito.
Ciela said…
Musta ka na J? Buti ka pa may mcgyver! Sayang naman yang latest laptop mo, bumigay na naman pala. Pwes, papalitan ng bago!

Tagal ko din di nakadalw dito. Pareho mo I was also sick with flu. Ayaw ko na magpa-confine kahit I feel I need to. Was feeling better when si dawtah naman ang nagka-diarrhea w/ vomiting. Had to bring her sa 2nd home namin, the hospital. hay..
Mylene said…
hehehe ganun talaga :) Just be thankful pa kasi me McGyver ka to help you out :)

Have a blesse day!
J said…
buti naman at naibalik na ang laptop mo. I just hope this time they repaired it right. oo nga, I didn't think about mga downloaded software. iniisip ko naman kasi, pang usual personal stuff lang siya parang nung akin hehe.

stormy kami dito today kaya I was on my jammies all day. nakakatamad lumabas.
when it rains, it typhoons! what a coincidence...hope your feeling ok now.

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