Too Early??


For the last couple of weeks, the husband has been coming home with granite bars. Actually, it's usually just one granite bar at a time. Why? It 'seems' he's thinking of some small renovations already for the house. Granite was our original choice for the counter tops with our original builder. But because of the unfortunate events that unfolded during the process of having this house built we had to make a lot of changes and putting on granite was one of the things that got eliminated. The husband said that he can put the granite himself once we're living in the house already. So that's what's happening, I think.

Their neighbor at work installs granite so they let the husband borrow pieces of granite to match it with the rest of the house. We have not decided yet which one we like but I'm sure we will sooner or later. Now I'm wondering if we can also start thinking about changing our faucets into the Grohe faucets we originally wanted. Maybe. Maybe not. I think we need to do this 'renovation' slowly but surely. Actually, if you ask me, I think it's too early to be thinking about renovation anyway. But if the husband can get a good deal from their neighbor, why not? Right?


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