We're POOR!


Yes we are....according to the little one. What makes her think that? We don't have MILK!

The back window of our car was smashed late last week. A neighbor at hubby's work was walking around with a piece of granite and accidentally hit the window. It was supposed to be fixed on Friday but the guy that's supposed to install the new window brought the wrong glass. Big surprise! Anyway, since hubby didn't want to leave an 'open' car in the parking lot of the grocery store, he chose not to do the usual Friday grocery shopping. Thus, the lack of milk in our fridge.

This morning when I asked the little one what she wanted for breakfast she [of course] wanted something where milk had to be used. After a couple of - 'we can't do that because we don't have milk' - that's when she said and I quote: "I feel so poor because Dad didn't go grocery shopping." Boo hooo!

Moral of the lesson: If you think you're poor, check your fridge. If you have milk, then you're not. If you don't have milk....you have my sympathy!

In the meantime, let me just wish each and everyone of you to:


Ciela said…
So you're poor .. and we are rich coz we have milk! ha ha ha!!

Katuwa naman si E, awang awa sa sarili just because she doesn't have milk. How's the smashed window? Is it now replaced? Sana 'no para makabili na si Daddy ng milk. he he..
J said…
hahaha aliw ako talaga sa anak mo. pahiram nga siya minsan para may sunshine kami dito.
ruby said…
aww..cutie naman ng anak mo..
Waaaaahhhhh!! Same tayo...we are poor. Wala kami milk right now. :(

Kamusta Mommy J?
Nancy Janiola said…
how innocent! ang bata nga naman kung mag isip... she sounds so cute :)

anyway, since you're poor, perhaps a paypal wishlist will help. earn as much as $100 and surely it'll you have a fridge packed with milk and you will be rich again, hahaha!
here's the link: http://apps.facebook.com/paypalwishlist/?ppref=1780527687&ref=nf

do check it out sis and let's make no room for empty fridge this Christmas :))
J said…
try mo na assembly lang naman ang gagawin tapos refrigerate. wala nang mas madali.

hanggang bahay lang kami today at nakakatamad lumabas.
Nanaybelen said…
kami din walang milk sa aming fridge kundi tubig lang . Dati may lagi akong may Magnolia fresh Milk . ngayon diko na kaya sa sobrang mahal ang bilihin.hu hu huh
haha! poor din kami kasi wala na rin kami milk e. hihi. kulit ni erica. hihi.

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