As usual, I called home on All Saints' Day which happens to be my birthday as well. I've always done that since the time I was teaching in Taiwan. My family in the Philippines has always considered All Saints' Day special not only because it's a relative's birthday but because it's a day where we all get together...both dead and alive. The last time I was home on All Saints' Day was in 1996. That's more than 10 years ago. Thus the 'traditional phone call' on my birthday.

As always, it was one looonggg phone chat with my siblings and their kiddos. The million dollar question was still: When are you coming home? Christmas this year would have been perfect but it's not happening. Hubby asked them instead...when are you coming here to visit? He even went as far as saying that orlando vacations are always the best since Disney World is there. Of course they would love to come here for a visit but it's easier said than done. Anyway, whatever will be, will be, right? One day it will happen, I'm sure. The only question is: WHEN???


J said…
I'm a lot earlier kesa kahapon. I would have been online a lot sooner but I have this gas pain that just won't go away. I'm always like this when I'm stressed. two days in a row na and not even my trusty mylanta can do the trick. kakainis.

how was E's evaluation? may mga ak-ek pala na ganyan pag home schooled.

have a good Tuesday night!
Cecile said…
oh, belated happy bday, Jules :-)!
Nancy Janiola said…
oo, sarap nga naman mangarap kaya lang sana we all have the fair chance to do as we please, sadly not!

kaya tama ka nga...it's easier said than done!

kamusta nga pala ang halloween celebration dito?
DebbieDana said…
Hhhmmmm, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you Mommy J!!!!!!!! Wishing you more blessings to come!!!!

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