Win Some....Lose Some


About a month ago we decided to finally switch from cable to satellite. We've been with the cable company for more than a year and within that span of time they actually raised their price 3 times. As soon as we learned about the latest increase in their monthly fee, we switched right away. That meant having technicians coming over to 'hook and unhook'. It's a good thing I'm married to McGyver so I wouldn't have to let strangers into our house because my McGyver already did all the hooking and unhooking in the house himself. During the course of all these, McGyver found out that some wires for the entertainment center are actually crossed. He had to take down the TV wall mount [with the TV of course] to try and 'uncross' them. Of course he was able to do it but the mount suffered some minor damage. It's nothing major but just the same, we are now looking into buying another mount for the TV. Oh well, I guess you win some and you lose some ,eh?


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