Another Day...


Another allergy attack. Sigh! We've been having really great weather here all through this week...until last night. The local meteorologist reported that we 'might' get some rain late last night but it's not a sure thing. Well, it did rain last night until early this morning. It was still raining when hubby left for work. It already stopped though when I got up this morning but it was still rather gloomy. As soon as I saw the clouds, I knew there's a big chance that I will be sniffling today...and I was right. It's almost 4 PM and here I am still sniffling. I don't have the appetite because my sense of taste is non-existent at the moment. Not having an appetite is actually great because I really don't need to be eating anyway since I want to lose some weight without using phentermine but I hate sneezing non-stop. Right now, all I want to do is curl up and sleep for a couple of hours but I can't. Not in another 6 or 7 hours anyway. Maybe I should just ask the husband to pick up something for dinner on his way home. Oh darn, it's Friday so it's grocery day for him. Ugh!


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