Cleaning 'House'....


My 'house' online anyway...this blog. After gazillion years, I've finally had the guts to go through the BLOG List I have in this blog. I actually started yesterday morning but I had to stop because work came in.

One observation: I can't believe the number of blogs that don't link back. These are the ones that CAME here asking for a link exchange and not the other way around. Now, I am also guilty of not linking back...BUT...I don't go around asking for 'link exchange' and then leaving it at that without linking back. Actually, I rarely ask for a 'link exchange' anymore simply because I am way too busy to even visit the ones I have in my list.

Anyway, I'm just ranting here. I'm not done cleaning 'house' yet. I still have a long way to go actually.

I am also in a dilemma on what to do with 'inactive blogs' in my list. You know, those blogs that have not been updated since 2008 [even earlier like 2007]? Do I delete them from my list or do I keep them? I have no idea how they affect my blogs stats so I'm really at a loss what to do with them. So what do you do with those 'inactive' blogs?


Weng Zaballa said…
wag mo ko delete mommy J ha, lol.

delete them siguro. i have to do house cleaning too, at least until next month before my 2nd blog anniversary! =)
Ciela said…
Ang sipag naman! Sobrang apaw na ba ang mga links? For me I think I'd just leave them there for the meantime. Saka ko na lng sila wawalisin.

Ingat lng palagi, J!
tx sweetie said…
delete mo na yang mga inactive blogs na yan, ako din need to do some cleaning in 3 of my blogs..hay naku dami lilinisin d ko alam kung saan magsimula. Ingats Miss J.
J said…
you just gave me an idea. one of these coming days, I will do my own clean up. ang dami kong dapat gawin, and we're only in to the 6th day of the year, but my action plan is NOT working.blame it on my sleepy head hahaha.

yeah, yung stalker ko yung maputi kong hipag. grabe obsessed ang bruha.

sana uminit na dyan para naman may continuous supply ng oranges LOL. good night!
naku ako tamad na tamad maglinis ng blog. un ngang mga categories ko tagal ko na plano ayusin, wala p rin nangyayari. LOL.

definitely, burahin mo na ung mga di naglilinkback. pero no matter what you decide on those inactive blogs, aba, e basta anjan pa yung link ko, ayos sakin un. niahaha!
Marites said…
i'm thinking of housecleaning too for my blogs. AFter am done with changing my blog templates. ugh! such tedious thing to do but a must-do. Malamig na pala diyan? malamig din daw sa Baguio sabi ng isang blogger-friend from there. Keep warm!!

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