Cool GUYS Walking Down the Street ~


That's what the little one just blurted out when she saw 3 young men [BOYS!]. Huh??? I had to run to the window to see what she meant...and there walking down the street are 3 boys.

I don't know how you would 'define' or describe 'cool guys' but according to the little one, the 3 'guys' ~ that's how she referred to them, not boys or men, mind you, guys! ~ are cool because:

~ they're wearing dark jackets

~ they have their hands in their pocket while they're walking

~ they have 'spiky' hair

~ and the way they walk [didn't bother asking her what 'way' of walking that is]

I know she's getting bigger by the minute but can I at least slow down the part where she talks about 'guys'?? PLEASE???


J said…
no you can't slow that down haha. sad, but it's a fact of life. kakaaliw lang to hear her talk that way. lumalaki na talaga si E.

sablay ako today. I was up at 7:00 but I went back. the allure of the bed was stronger than my aim to break my habit. try ko ulit bukas. just like any other addiction, mahirap makawala.

sagot ko about sa hipag na puti nasa blog ko.
Hi Ate J!

I know what you mean. I may not have a child of my own yet but I do think of these things if I have one. I wouldn't want my child to grow up quickly too.

Thanks pala ate sa comment. Masaya talaga ang new year ko. But with these blessings also comes more responsibilities on my part but I'm prepared to face them *drama mode* hahaha!

Happy New Year din pala ate! Hope you enjoyed your new year. ^_^
Beth said…
hahaha! I also talked about that on one of my posts this month! Ganun talaga, I'm kinda afraid for the time na maiinlove na daughter ko, oh my, if I can slow down the time din! :)
tx sweetie said…
waaaa ano ba yan Miss J, parang she started noticing opposite sex now yata..??? hmmmm nagdadalaga na talaga si E!

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