In our front yard??? That's what it looks like anyway when I took a peek this morning. We almost hit the teens [maybe we did?] early this morning so it's possible. They're even hinting that some places not far from where we are may see some snowflakes this weekend.

The local news here has been showing old footages of the snow that happened in Miami some years ago. Now, if it snowed in Miami then it's definitely possible we can get snow where were at. I wonder if that will happen in my lifetime??? Hmmm....

The grass in the yard has finally turned brown. Our polonia tree looks like a big twig in the front yard and so as the great myrtle by the garage. The red maple tree is almost bald. The only tree surviving is the one by the office/computer room and I can't remember its name. It's starting to look pretty 'wintery' around here. The little one has been asking when winter will be over. She knows, she just can't wait for it....


J said…
we're going to have another snow storm tonight into tomorrow. kaya ayan, I went out and did all my errands today. I've only been home an hour ago.

buti at it's getting warmer na dyan. kami dito, the end is still nowhere in sight.

good night!
Lynn said…
hello mommy J.

happy new year... nakahabol pa ba? hehe.

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