The 'Go To' Guy


That's the husband in a nutshell. I guess that's a good thing since these people that call him for help trust him and his judgment. I mean, he gets calls from friends and family alike asking him questions ranging from how to patent something to which motorhome towing company is the best to call. We even joke around here that he should start a new company which we would aptly call: 'Ask M'. I can be the founder, eh?

Now if only some of these people who bother him so much listen to him, then they wouldn't be bugging him as much. Why? Because there are those who would call him only to do the opposite of what the husband told them to do...then have the nerve to call him again complaining about it. When that happens, I can't help but tell him to ignore them already. Why ask when you don't listen anyway, right? I just hate it when that happens.


J said…
the nerve, huh? tell M to not entertain then again. sometimes it's better to be upfront so they won't bug him again.

I had a hectic day ngayon nga lang ako online.

have a good night!
ay sus. nagtanong pa ano? ehe. sinasayang lang nila laway ni hubby mo. hihi. :)

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