Guess WHAT???


I'm doing a tag! Yes, after what seems to be a lifetime, I got tagged! Well, more like I decided to do a tag...from Nova. Thanks, Novs...

"8 Things You Should Know About Me": UPDATE - Part 1

8 TV Shows I watch

2) NCIS rerans [tee hee]
3) Burn Notice
4) Psyche
5) White Collar
6)The Office -rerans
7) NCIS Los Angeles
8) CSI

8 Favorite Place to Dine-Out [This is tough since we don't really like to dine out so I'll just list the places we have gone to in the last...hmmm...8 years?]

1) Olive Garden
2) KFC
3) McD
4) Wendy's
5) Burger King
6) AppleBees
7) Pinoy/Asian Restos
8) Texas Grill

8 Things I look Forward to

1) Vacation times 8

8 Things That Happened [I Did] Yesterday

1) Some work released so I worked a bit.
2) Some deliveries came.
3) Did Laundry
4) Surfed online for low cost car insurance because I'm tired of paying more than we should on insurance...all of them!
5) Ordered a photo calendar.
6) Usual chores

8 Things I Like about Winter - There is not much about winter I like. It makes hubby happy because he loves the cool weather which is COLD in my vocabulary.

Part 2 will follow....


Ciela said…
Sobrang believe naman ako! Pati sa tag may kita. he he..

Konting bawas naman sa kasipagan. Go out with M and E, if not, you might bury yourselves with all those moolahs. Lol!
Musta na J! Malamig pa rin ba dyan?

Dito lumalamig naman ng konti pero sa umaga lang.
J said…
woohoo may tag... ang tagal na nga yung last.

deliveries sometimes get me anxious. yung waiting game kills me. yung curio na ba ito? usi noh?

have a great weekend!

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