Her New 'Thing'...

... is taking pictures of herself doing some 'cover girl' poses! That's what she calls them anyway.

If her 'thing' a few months ago was recording herself singing and/or making home movies, posing for the 'camera' is now her new 'thing'. For the record, she takes these pictures of her striking a pose by herself. I taught her to use the self-timer and since then the self-timer has become the most used button in her camera. She's just growing way too fast...sigh!

She's got a bunch of pictures striking a pose and some of them are really hilarious because she's trying really hard to make it look like she's a 'cover girl'. She had some where her hair had the 'wind blown/swept' effect. That's because she had the ceiling fan turned on [to get the 'wind swept hair' look] while she's taking the pictures....LOL!


of course J! She looks fab in that picture! andun na pala sya sa phase na yun. Hihi. kakatuwa. time sure flies fast :)
J said…
can I be her agent? she's really growing so fast. nagbabago pati facial features at dalaginding na ang dating.enjoy her as much as you can, kasi sooner than later maninibago ka at hindi na siya ang baby mo.

kung sneezing ang issue sa inyo all day, ako ay I have the sniffles again. I must have caught the bug when I was out almost all day kahapon.

enjoy your weekend!
iuwi mo na yan dito at ng mapag artista! ako na manager. lol
J said…
oo nga, iuwi mo na. turuan mo lang mag-Tagalog muna ha.

feeling a lot better today. it warmed up a bit but it's already going downhill.

hope you'll have a good night of sleep tonight.
Michelle said…
she probably will be the next top model... kung sasali sya. :)
Lynn said…
reminds me of my 13-year-old niece. ganyang ganyan din. cellphone niya, puno ng different poses niya pati cellphone ng lola niya. she's been like that since she was a little girl pa lang. (",)

thank u for the visit, mommy J. ok ok lang lahat with me. hope sa u rin. ingatz!
Ciela said…
Wahh..but where are the pictures of E? Imagine ko na lang ang mga pose nya a la "The Next American Model"!
Grabe, nasa kanya na lahat ng talent.
Apply na ako maging manager ni E!

Thanks for the views about my friends sentiments. Concerned lang kasi ako as her friend.

Till then J. Ingat palagi!
Gorgeous MUM said…
So, she's into taking her own pics. Gosh, she is indeed growing up!

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