Hyperthyroidism Update


I haven't posted much about my ongoing battle with hyperthyroidism. Battle??? LOL!! Nah...it's not really a battle.

I haven't been to the doctor in a few months. I had to cancel my last appointment due to some scheduling conflict. I have yet to reschedule but I spoke with him on the phone a few times. My doctor is kind enough to actually call me to explain the result of my latest blood test. On my last visit with him, aside from the usual test for T3/T4 he also wanted me tested for either lupus and/or eczema, I think. I noticed some roughness on my fingers that tends to itch every now and then that's why he wanted to make sure. He gave me some cream for the rash but I didn't use it. He said that one thing that a thyroid problem can screw up is the immune system which can lead to something as serious as lupus. Scary huh?

I guess he saw me worried when he mentioned that that's why he called me when he got the results back which we were supposed to talk about if I didn't cancel my last appointment. Anyway, he called with some good news. First news: I don't have lupus or eczema which I kinda' know already. Second news: my T3/T4 is still low so I need to lower the dosage of my meds once more. Originally, my medication was to lower T3/T4 but now it's too low so the doctor is trying to normalize it by adjusting the dose of my meds. He's hopeful that I will be off the medication in due time. My next lab work will be in a couple of months and I am also hoping that the results will be positive. Fingers crossed!


Hi Ate J! Thanks for the coffee hehehe.

I see that you're still battling hyperthyroidism lol! Mabuti naman wala kang lupus (very scary). From what your saying I can tell that your in very capable hands. Most doctors are only after money but this one seemed to really care for you. You'll be fine ate.

Although I missed buhay estudyante, time management is a huge issue. time [mis]management, good one! hehehe.

Pero I know nah talagang expert ka sa time management ate sa dami nang ginagawa mo sa buhay mo. You have to be the mom, wife, worker, blogger and etc but you still manage to do everything. That's very hard to do and I look up to you for it. *drama mode* hehehe.
J said…
hay naku, sala sa init sala sa lamig ang mga results. it's hard to normalize anything lalo na if you have no clue yet how a certain med will affect your system. buti naman at you only need to deal with now hypo na nga ba?

update sa FIL: he had a significant heart attack na hindi niya alam two weeks ago. he just underwent angioplasty.

have a good Friday night!
Gorgeous MUM said…
Good to know the results were good.

Take care!
Nova said…
hope things will be better for you soon te juls.. so sorry forever na akong di naka visit sa blog mo... just busy..thanks for the comment...

my pregnancy is great, i'm thankful na easy lang sya no complication and whatsoever. dr commented i have a boring medical history which is very very good....

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