One of my work-at-home jobs is a phone job. It's not a round-the-clock thing but when I'm logged in, I have to answer the phone within the first couple of rings. I can't sit by the phone ALL THE TIME since I am doing other things like chores or my other 'gigs. Half the time when the phone rings, I'd by flying across the house just to pick it up ASAP. We don't have a big house so it doesn't really take long for me to do that. But there are times when I wish I am a bit closer to the phone so I don't have to run when it rings.

I've been looking at different mounts online hoping to find a mount for my work phone. The husband already put a phone jock by the kitchen so I can hook up my work phone to it if I want to. I am always at or by the kitchen anyway so it is a perfect place for me to have my work phone especially during those times that I'm cooking or prepping for dinner. I am hoping I'll be able to get a mount for the phone sooner than later.


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