New Owner...


The Philippines store I go to has a new owner. The original owner actually told me the last time I was there that they're moving to the Philippines this year so she wanted to sell the store. The store still looks the same selling the same products. But the new owner wants to buy some new equipments for the store. The cash register she 'inherited' from the old owner needs replaced so I thought of her when I came across while I was looking for an inventory software that my 'boss' is asking me to look for.

The original owner of the store is very friendly but this new owner seems to know more about the business. She has a lot of plans to improve the store which is good news to us. Hopefully she'll be able to add more Asian products in the shelves. I have yet to find my favorite canned corned beef. The Asian stores I've visited so far don't carry the brand...and I have no idea why.


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