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My niece has been asking me relentlessly to buy her a digital camera here. I didn't want to do it at first for several reasons. First is the shipping cost. Since it's international shipping, the cost to send her the camera is almost the same as the cost of the camera itself if not more. And what if the camera breaks or malfunctions? Even if it's still on warranty, it will be expensive to send it back because she lives out of the US. I said she's relentless so I finally gave in. To 'somehow' compensate for the expensive shipping, I came up with a plan...send it in a 'balikbayan' box. The catch? Now I have to buy more stuff to fill that box. Thus....the 'shopping' spree online...sort of.

I was able to buy the things for my female loved ones. It's so much easier to find stuff for women compared to men. I spent several hours searching but I just can't find something for the men especially my 3 brothers. Right now I am considering getting them some vitamins for men. Aside from the obvious fact that it's good for them, it's easier to find, inexpensive and easier to pack. So yes, I may just get them vitamins. Not very exciting but I'm sure they'll thank me later....I think.


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