Ringin' in 2010....

NOT with....

But with

and lots of it, too!

It's been pouring like this since around 10:30 last night. Instead of hearing the usual fireworks, I listened to the raindrops. It stopped a bit for a few just in time to welcome 2010 so there were a few pops here and there but that's about it. I'm sure those who prepared some elaborate fireworks were bummed but....

As many believe, rain means blessings so I welcome it with open arms and open heart. May 2010 be full of love, happiness, blessings and all that's good for one and all!

Happy New Year Everyone!


J said…
let the rain pour!!!! and yes, HARD. blessings nga daw, so why not?

we woke up to a nice sunshine although tanghali na ako gumising as usual.after the ball dropped at Times Square, it was time to dig in to a decadent creation- not mine... bought!

I'm wishing that all of life's best things be yours this year of the tiger!
Anonymous said…
Ciela said…
Rains in New Year?! allow me to sing.. let it pour, let it pour, let it pour! Wala din kayo snow dyan e, di ba? Well, blessings nga daw yan!
So hindi kayo nagpaputok malamang!

Same here, nakinood lang kami sa neighbors' fireworks. We used to have them but not this time. Wala talaga sa mood.

2010 na!! Endless blessings of happiness, good health too, and lots and lots more of moolah for you and your family!
Gorgeous MUM said…
Yeah, they say rain means blessing! It also rained at the Gold Coast hours before the clock stikes 12. Hopefully that will mean lots of blessings for us!

Have a joyful 2010!
J said…
nasaan na kayo?hiding somewhere kasi malamig din dyan?

we're freezing here. it feels awful but there's not much I can do. sana marinig ako ng Diyos at ilipat kami sa mas mainit hehe.

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