Sneezing "Cinderella"

You can call me that. Because if you pass by my house right now, all you'll be hearing would be: ACHOO!!! Yep, my lovely nose is so tender from all the sneezing & blowing I've been doing since I woke up this morning. My allergy is of course the culprit. What else is new, right? But I only have myself [and the weather maybe] to blame. I haven't been following my "Cinderella" sleeping schedule ~ in bed before the clock hits 12:00 MN ~ for the last few days. I get so caught up with either work or just the online surfing every night that I lose track of time. I know that if I 'cross over' the midnight hour awake, there is a 99% chance that I will suffer the next day. Ugh!

But guess what?? There's a small upside in all of these:removal of blackheads on nose! It's not my intention but it happens. I don't get all of them of course but if I can get some off my sniffer, then it's good. I hate seeing those little black thing on my nose anyway. Now, if only my allergy is that easy to get rid of.


J said…
ako ay araw-araw na haching. my Zyrtec is not doing anything for me.

galing ako sa Derma at naghintay na naman ng parang walang katapusan.

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