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I was about to buy office supplies online this morning when I received an email from a high school classmate. I really need some black printer ink as well as some printing paper but I had to pause after reading the email. It's an email bearing a sad news. One of our high school classmates died yesterday. I knew he's been battling with a kidney disease but I didn't expect him to pass away just a few months after diagnosis. The last time I 'saw' him was June 2009 during our batch's General Assembly in preparation for our Silver Jubilee last December. I had the chance to see him as well as those in attendance through Skype.

We spoke briefly and that was it. He had no inkling then that he would be diagnosed with a kidney problem shortly after that meeting. He was still full of life at that time telling me his plans of moving abroad to join his siblings. Then a few months after that 'meeting', another classmate who lives near him emailed me and mentioned about his condition. I thought he'd be ok although he lost a considerable amount of weight according to the email. He even told our classmates that he would do his best to attend the Silver Jubilee if he's healthy enough. He didn't. I guess that would have told us how sick he really was.


J said…
it was nice today as compared to the non-stop rain we had yesterday.

F was off today kaya may company ako dito sa house.

have a nice week ahead!
J said…
howdy? hope your Tuesday was awesome. ako, cleaning day kaya I'm dead tired as usual.
Ciela said…
Hello J! Mahirap nga yang Kidney disease kasi irreversible. That's sad! Passing away is one inevitable realities of life. But we all have our own scheduled time. Una-una lang talaga! May he rest in peace!

Maganda na ba ang weather nyo dyan?
Dito, maulan pa rin!

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