Speeding Fine: $290K...


Nope, that's not a mistake. A speeding fine of $290,000!!! What a costly fine. Who could be fined that much? How about a Swiss millionaire who is a also repeat offender? And I thought $100 fine is outrageous....I guess I was wrong, eh?

Apparently, this is not something new in that part of the world. The previous Swiss record as far as speeding fine is concerned was $107,000. Whoooppps!

How did the authorities come up with this over the top figures? It's based on the person's wealth. It just so happens that the speeder in this latest case is worth about $20 million. Oh well, I guess he could afford it then, right? I wonder if he will appeal this?

If you're wondering how fast he's [over] speeding...it's 35 miles faster than the legal speed of 50 miles an hour. That's roughly $3700 per mile of [over] speeding....or a LOT of MOOLAH!

from: Yahoo News


J said…
oh no! that's a lot of dough. dito nga, I have my eyes glued for cop cars when I know I'm pressing that gas pedal more than I'm allowed.yung radar naman kasi kahit sabi ay monitored lumulipad lahat sila dito and mukha ngang alam nila na hindi gumagana kaya ayan nakikilipad din ako haha.

snowfall measured to only an inch. it melted soon enough when it warmed up a bit. now, we're being blown away with strong winds, kaya freezing na naman dito.

enjoy your weekend!

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