Sweet 16???


More like 'bitter cold' 16 degrees Fahrenheit~ because that's the lowest temperature we have today.


The temperature has gone up already but it's still below freezing. At the moment it's 29 degrees outside. Oh just to be clear, we didn't move to another state. We're still in the 'sunshine' state.

Yesterday was a little bitter...I mean better. At least the lowest wasn't in the teens. It was still very cold. We even had some sleet in the morning. Very little but still it's sleet. We went out in the front yard so the little one & the big one [me?] could see it. Actually the husband had to call us to let us know that it's sleeting...we thought it's just raining. We took some photos of the very little 'almost invisible' sleet for fun. Of course what we had was nothing compared to the feet of snow that the other states are getting. There's still a slight chance that we MAY see a couple of flurries around here according to the local weather people. We'll see....


tx sweetie said…
wow grabi ang lamig! anong nangyari sa Sunshine state Miss J?
bluedreamer27 said…
Hi there my friend... Happy 2010... Sorry for dropping by here so late ... i just got very busy with my school and work..... but then thank you for your continuous support for my blogs despite of my absences..... i will try my best to balance everything and include my blogging into my daily schedule...
i missed a lot of your entries here... so sorry about that...
thank you my friend and god bless

J said…
we're still freezing din dito. grabe at walang patawad and mother nature.

I'm early today, kasi I woke up at the normal time normal people do. sana eto na ang simula ng maraming araw na gising ako pagdating ng umaga hahaha.

have a great Monday!
Ciela said…
Hi J! Wow, ang saya naman. Ang lamig!
Imagine, sleet in the Sunshine State?! It's probably due to Climate change na rin 'no?
How I wish we could also experience even just a bit of your chilly weather!
Dito, very slight lang ang lamig sa umaga e. Unlike the previous years.

Thanks and have a nice, cool day!
JonaBQ said…
i can't really live there. as if i have a chance :D hehe. thanks for the visit!
mimi11460 said…
Hi Juliana, tagal ko na hindi nakapunta dito sa blog mo. Sorry talaga. As for your post. Grabeh lamig naman nyan. Dito sa Pinas hindi rin masyado mainit for now siguro mga 20degress Celsius. Hehehe! Gaya ng sabi ni Beng Gee sana ako rin maka experience nyang below freezing temp.

See yah!

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