Upgrading Our Ride...


Unlike last year, the hubby and the wife in this household didn't exchange anything the past holiday season. We asked each other what we wanted but we just came up with crazy stuff like 'my two front teeth', etc. Last year we needed some things ~ a laptop for me because my old one is already, yes, OLD ~ and a new video camera for him because the one we had died ~ so it was easier to decided.

This year, there is no urgent needs for both of us. We 'want' some things of course but we're waiting until we know we can buy them without the 'guilt'. Hubby wants some chrome accessories to pimp us his [our] ride. Our car is at its simplest right now for a reason. It does not have the latest gadgets that other cars have but we're thinking of upgrading it little by little. His first upgrade would have to be a GPS system he's been wanting for a while now. But like I said, we will do that when the time comes we can actually do it without the guilt.


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