American Idol Season 9

American Idol 9 Top 24 Contestants [photo from AI website]

It's on! Actually, it's been on for a few weeks but the real competition for the American Idol Season 9 started yesterday. The top 24 - 12 women & 12 men - will be singing live. It was the girls turn yesterday while it's the boys turn tonight. And tomorrow...the verdict. Yep, the public will be sending 4 of the contestants packing...2 women & 2 men.

So? Have you been watching? I have....sort of. As usual, the hubby is the one watching it. I'm just listening in...and catching bits and pieces of the show.


BongFlo said…
been watching here in the phils j. my fave is didi b and casey. my kids like aaron. visiting you here today. Gbu!!! ciao!
Utah Mommy said…
Yup! I have been watching American Idol and the candidates today are so awesome, they have this very unique and great talent of singing. We'll see who will win and hopefully the winner deserves it, unlike last year i was disappointed.

Musta na Mommy J? Hope everything is fine... God bless!
J said…
nabuhay ako! been super busy sa kagagala.

I haven't had the chance to watch this season's competition. siguro habol na lang pag malapit na finals.

have a great weekend!

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