Can We Go Outside?


That's probably the most asked question around here in the last few days. Like I've mentioned here a couple of times [ok, much more than a couple...tee hee], we've been having our share of crazy weather in our neck of the woods the last couple of weeks so the little one has been asking me that question everytime she sees that the sun is out...including today. I promised her we're going out in the backyard in a few as soon as I finish reading about this health insurance quote the husband forwarded me earlier. The monthly fee is much lower than the one we have right now but I have to go through what's covered and what's not covered. We are still in constant search for that affordable insurance - health, car, home, etc. - because we really want to save some of that money we're paying those insurance companies we have right now. We feel that they're overcharging us in every way so we won't stop until we find something not only affordable but reasonable as well. Wish us luck!


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