Cold & Rainy

A perfect weather for a cup of that hot chocolate drink while curled up on the couch watching some TV, eh? Actually, it's also a perfect 'bed' weather. I wish!

It's been drizzling here all morning and I don't have much to do but blog. What do you know...I'm lazy to do even that. Blame this kind of weather for my laziness. Besides, my allergy is bothering me again because, yes, of the weather.

Yesterday was the complete opposite of today weather-wise. The sky was clear and Mr. Sun was happily out the whole time. That's not happening today though because the rain is said to be staying for a while. You just never know nowadays what kind of weather the day will bring. It seems Mother Nature just can't make up her mind lately.


Gorgeous MUM said…
I love how you do post on the inconsistency of your weather there!

Hope your allergies go away soon! Take care!
J said…
good for you at hanggang wet weather lang dyan.we might get about 16 inches of snow here. and the bad thing is, the weathermen are now talking of another one on Monday. F is home tonight, wala pa naman accumulation. wait and see kami what really happens tonight into tomorrow.

enjoy your hot choco. that allergy is annoying. I should know araw araw meron ako niyan.
Sunshinelene said…
Hi Mommy J! Howdy?

Hope all is well. I got you tagged with valentine's tag. :)

I love choco drink too especially whnen the weather is cold. :)

Ciela said…
Hi J!
At least you have both sunshine and rain. Whereas dito El Nino na! Ang hirap mo naman, allergy kalaban if cold weather. Do you take meds for it?

Sige, enjoy your cup of hot chocolate and most of all, enjoy the "bed" weather!!
kimmyschemy said…
hmmm... it's getting HOT in here!!

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