I guess next time we will have these figures will be in 2021?

I forgot it's the first day of February already. I guess that's what happens when I don't have to keep track of dates which I normally do when I'm working. I had to submit my [work] schedule/availability yesterday for the month but I completely forgot about it. Oh well....I just submitted it so I'm all set to go. That's not all I forgot actually. Hubby asked me a few weeks ago to look for data center hosting services by the end of January but it completely slipped my mind. Now I have to spend my day doing that since they need the information ummm....yesterday? It's the weekend yesterday so I have an excuse. Tee hee...

It has been drizzling since I got up this morning so I'm tempted to just lay down and sleep but no can do. I have some laundry and some much needed chores to finish today. Ugh! Why can't weekend be 5 days a week? Anyway, here's wishing everyone a great February. I am hoping and wishing work will pick up this month. Goodluck with that...


J said…
maaga ako for a big change. I have some errands to do kasi kaya pilit na bumangon kahit 28 degrees lang dito.

didn't even notice these facts. kasi lagi naman short ang Feb. kulang-kulang parang mga b-day celebrants hahaha.

oo nga,b-day ni F today. syempre dagdag edad din ako hehe.

si E sanay na sanay nga. talbog pa ang nanay ha at may expectation talaga.ako nga walang expected V day gift from F pero ang nanay niya laging may gift. isa din siyang sanay na sanay.

J said…
p.s. anong brand ba yung washer ninyo? ang bilis naman niyan may problema. at least within the warranty period nag break down.kaya nga ako ay hindi kontra na lang sa gusto ni F para hindi ako masisi pag sumablay ang gamit. we normally buy the extended warranty upon purchase, kadalasan 3 tears, then insure them after that.gastos siya if they remain problem free but I just think about it as buying peace of mind.

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