FrIdAy iT Is!!!!!


Yes, it is! TGIF as we like to say ~

I didn't accomplish much this week unfortunately but that's life. Some weeks you do a lot, some weeks you don't...and it's the latter this past week. Technically, I still have a day and a half so let's not jump the gun...

One thing I want to finish doing this weekend though...packing that JUMBO balikbayan box I have sitting on the foyer. What was I thinking? I didn't plan in sending a balikbayan box anytime soon but I have one now sitting and waiting to be shipped. It's actually almost full because I have some stuff here I want to send back home. I have not duct taped it yet because I'm waiting for one more delivery and then it's done.

So why am I sending a box if I didn't plan on it? A niece asked me a favor. She wanted me to buy her a digital camera. Yes, she can get it in the Philippines but the price is double so I gave in. The result...I spent more than I should because I let it slip that I'm sending a box so I was kinda' flooded with requests. It's fine by me...I just don't get why my sister wants this in the box:

Actually, I know a lot of people back home like this canned good. Hmmm...


Ciela said…
Speaking of Libby's Corned Beef, we just received our package from S-i-l in California and it contains a number of those popular canned good among others. Honestly, para sa akin, mas masarap pa rin ang Purefoods. Yun nga lang sobrang mahal na sya. The smallest can is now priced at almost 50ps. Pero dahil imported ang Libby's naging special na rin sya. he he..

Onga pala J, ung budget ko sa fresh market included na dun yung budget namin sa mga kain namin sa labas. Medyo madalas kasi yun e, kaya sinama ko na. hay.. soaring high na ang bilihin dito ngayon.. grabe!

Nakapag-tgif happening na kmi kagabi ni T. Kaya eto, puyat.

Sige, tuloy mo na pag-pack sa balikbayan box. Matutuwa nyan ang mga brothers mo. Ang bait ng utol nila!
Cielo said…
Your loved-ones here in the Philippines will surely be excited once they receive your balikbayan box. Bonding moment din pagnagbubukas ng pasalubong hehehhe

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