A GRAMMY for Taylor Swift!


Taylor Swift has a lot going for her. I think she nabbed all the major awards in country music last year. The real test [of her young career] would have been the Grammy's and she passed it with flying colors. She got 4 awards, one of which is the big one...Album of the Year. She was up against some pretty big names like Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas. Her win will probably put her detractors in their places now.

I was able to watch part of the show last night but never got to see her win the big award. I saw the one where she got the Female Country Artist [I think]. I also didn't see the red carpet coverage but I'm sure I'll be able to catch it in several channels that covered the arrival. I wonder if any of the artists donned a creation by Michael Kors? I saw some very pretty dresses/gowns as well as some outrageous ones but I didn't get the names of the designers so I'm not sure if Michael Kors designed any of those.


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