I was watching a TV show last week. The guest of the show on that particular day is John Travolta because he's promoting his latest film. John Travolta. I've only watched some of his films but I try to catch him whenever he is a guest in a show, especially talk shows. It's very entertaining to watch him during interviews that's why. He's funny and very humble considering his stature in Hollywood. What do you know, his last interview left me all the more entertained by him. He revealed during the interview that he likes watching 'infomercials'. LOL! Who would have thought that a millionaire like him would watch those cheesy commercials...and bite into them. Yep, he admitted that he actually bought a lot of what he sees in those infomercials. He does not deny the fact though that he tends to question the validity of what they're saying and wonder if they actually work they way the infomercials show. I wonder if he's seen an enzyte commercial and asked: does enzyte work? Maybe eh? I have never bought anything as a result of those infomercials but the husband said that he tried once. I'm not quite sure what he tried to buy but he didn't push through with it because they started doing the upsells on him. Oh well...maybe I'll try to do it and see if I can pull it through.


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