Magazine Subscription


I used to have a couple of magazine subscriptions. I decided to stop one of them because I don't get to read them anyway. I actually planned in stopping both but I got an offer so hard to refuse, I continued with one of them.

There are still some interesting articles in the one I subscribe to as well as some recipes that I am planning in trying someday so I guess it's still worth it. One thing that doesn't cease to amaze me is the fact that in almost every issue of this magazine, it seems weight loss, diet, as well as anything and everything that have something to do with losing weight is in the magazine. From how to lose weight in just 4 weeks to adipex reviews and other diet pill reviews are found in this magazine. Some are good advice but some, not so much. I still like some of the articles in the magazine but I wish they limit the diet related articles to maybe one issue? Just a suggestion...


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