Miss Me Yet?


Not me...him! I'm not sure what to make of this but according to the news there is this billboard along Interstate 35 near Wyoming that bears the image up top with that same caption.

The owner of the billboard space wouldn't reveal though who paid for the billboard. Rumor has it they're supporters of the present US president but some are not convinced. Supporters of the president believe though that the people behind the billboard may be supporters of the previous president pretending to be supporters of the present president.

What do you think of it? Do you think it should be taken down?


J said…
does anyone miss him anyway? whatever, he is nice to look at kaya oks lang siguro hehe.

we're freezing, at ang blizzard ay nagkatotoo nga. we are under blizzard warning till midnight tonight. with the 40mph wind gust it is really treacherous out there. I can only say wow at the sight from the top, ang ganda ng tanawin as everything is blanketed in white. but once it's stepped on, there goes the mess and the slush.

enjoy your nice weather. kakainggit kayo diyan. buti na lang si Bloomberg maayos ang patakbo dito and the roads are plowed nicely yung food delivery namin ay oks lang. at least hindi kami magugutom hehe.
J said…
finally over with the bad weather.mr. sun showed up later in the day but we have to keep digging(of course, spared kami as kasama na yan sa monthly maintenance fee hehehe).

enjoy your Huewebes. ang bilis ng araw.
Ciela said…
Oh yes, I think it should be taken down! Ay, at sumagot daw! As if I care... he he..

Weekend na naman.. grabe sa bilis!
I hope you have a fabulous one with the two loves of yours!
Nancy Janiola said…
posible! ganun naman maglaro yung mga politicians kahit na dito sa'tin eh, pakunwari! but whatever..people can look and ignore it naman so nasa magpapa-apekto nalang siguro, hahaha!

na miss ko na to visit here kaya ako nagpaparamdam - :D musta na?

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