Neverending Hunt...


...for the best and most affordable insurance around. It's really neverending. Why? Simple. We're not very happy with what we have at the moment. I just renewed our car insurance not too long ago and it will be good for another six months. That means I have that long to 'hunt' for a new one or we would have no choice but to keep the old one. Our home insurance on the other hand is expiring in about 3 months. Hopefully, I'll come a better one [at least in price] before it expires.

But the most expensive insurance we are paying for is our health insurance. We have been with our provider for years now. We 'attempted' to change our provider a few months back but it didn't pan out so we had to stay with what have. I am not happy that we're paying so much for something that we don't use much. Aside from that, I hate the fact that they declined one of our claims not too long ago. That alone made me think about replacing them the soonest possible time. Sadly, it's not that easy. I think moving to another state and starting anew with a health insurance will be a more feasible step right now for us. I wonder what a North Carolina health insurance will cost us? Hopefully, not as much as what our present provider is charging us.


J said…
health care here i America sucks...generally.and who is not paying a hefty sum for insurance premiums? grabe ang raket nila.

been busy doing errands all afternoon. ngayon lang ako nag log-on. hope your Thursday went well. good night!

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