Nodular Acne


Unlike me, the husband gets pimples more often. Normally, they start to show up as a result of stress...mostly at work. So if he's stressed out about something and not saying anything about it, I could still tell by just looking at his face and/or forehead. Luckily, his pimples are usually the small ones and not nodular acne which can really be painful. Aside from being painful, nodular acne can get worse if they're popped intentionally and sometimes leaving some unsightly scar on the affected area. Hubby loves popping those little buggers because he couldn't help himself. He says it feels good to do that that's why he does it. Anyway, it seems that over the counter pimple cream helps get rid of his pimples so there's not much to worry about them. I worry not because of the pimples but the cause of the pimples. I guess that's inevitable considering how tough the economy is now.


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