That's what it's been the last few months for me. I reconnected with a lot of my high school classmates because of our silver jubilee. Yep, after more than 20 years of not hearing anything about most of them, I am suddenly bombarded with emails from people in my former life. I love reconnecting with old friends. I actually do occasional searches in google for people I haven't heard from in years. While some didn't seem to have aged at all, most of us have changed physically. Some more than the others. The most obvious change: weight! I could not believe how what used to be a tall lanky classmate turned into a short plump one. He seriously needs to look into some weight loss programs soon or he would be facing some major health issues down the road. Seriously.

Anyway, weight gain or no weight gain, my former classmates are still the same happy go-lucky bunch of people. I only wish I'll be able to get together with them in the years to come. That will definitely be something I'll be looking forward to in the future.


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