Short Break


Short break. Those are the two words that I hear the husband saying quite often nowadays. I wonder why. Maybe because he's been working 7 days a week. Yes, including Sundays. It's been going on for maybe 3 months now. Mind you, it's not the 9-5 work schedule. It's more like the 5 to anytime schedule. The 'anytime' varies...ranging from 6 to 10 in the evening some days. Yep, I think that may be the reason why he's been uttering those 2 short words lately.

I am thinking maybe I should start looking for oahu hotels that we can stay in once that 'short break' happens. But then again, how short is short? If that 'short break' turns out to be a day or two, then a Hawaii getaway may not be feasible. So even if I really have no idea how 'short of a break' he will get I am looking into some nice hotels around the country. At least I would have some suggestions when the time comes that much needed 'short break' happens. Fingers/toes crossed....


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