... not in Seattle, mind you. For whatever reason, I've been having a hard time going to sleep. It may have something to do with my thyroid condition but I'm not certain. As a result of this sleeplessness, I'm tired for the most part. Aside from that, I may need to look into adult acne treatment since I'm seeing some little pimples on my forehead and chin popping up already. I don't get pimples often especially now that I'm an adult so this is something new to me. I can just ignore them since I'm no longer that teenager who is 'oh so conscious' of my skin. But...I tend to prick any bump I feel on my face which usually results to a bigger bump...and a painful one at that so I may need to find ways to get rid of them the right way.

Anyway, I'll try to turn in earlier tonight hoping against hope that I'll be out before I know it. I tried taking Tylenol PM a few nights ago but they just didn't do the trick for me. It's actually the second time I tried them. I actually think that they keep me awake more than anything. Next time, I won't even try anymore.


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