Spam Emails


I am so looking forward for the weekend. Not only because it's the Valentine's Day weekend, but because the weather forecast is...dry! 'Nuff said!

Woke up with a slight headache. I know very well allergy is about to make a comeback, all because of this rain. I was tempted to stay in bed for the day but such is not an option since it's only Friday. I have a hungry little one waiting for me to make breakfast and some work that need to be done. While waiting for the little one to finish her breakfast, I went to my computer to do a quick peek at my emails. As always I have tons of spam emails. They just never stop. Everyday, I get emails letting me know that I won sweepstakes or that I have an inheritance for me to claim or emails offering the best relief for hemorrhoids and that my [non-existent] bank account that has been hacked so I need to click the link to fix it! Geez! The spammers are just getting more and more creative by the second.

I just deleted all of them. Hopefully I didn't delete something important because I got tired of going through all them and just hit delete.


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