Supplements to Complement?


Another weekend..yippee! It looks like we're going to have a pleasant weather today so I may go outside and feed my obsession. I'm going to WEED! Yeah! I wasn't able to do it last weekend because it was raining. Hopefully, it won't rain later today although it's started to get gloomy as I type...ugh!

The first week of February is almost done. Next weekend it's Valentine's Day already. The little one is excited about it. Actually it's only one of the reasons February is an exciting month for her. It's Dad's birthday month so she's been plotting something again for his birthday. We usually bake him a cake on his birthday. I also try to get him something that he won't normally get himself. This year, I really don't know what to get him. Well, on second thought maybe I know what to get him. How about some muscle supplements to help him with his ongoing weight loss? Good idea? I'm not sure though if he'll be willing to take them. Maybe I should start having a back-up plan just in case, eh?


J said…
good for you, you have a nice weekend weather. we had another snowy day as predicted, we got about 6 inches. not as much as those places that really got clobbered but with the strong winds, it is brutal out there.

I was lazy in my jammies all day. I didn't even get online till now. I indulged myself in the company of a good book.

ayan, mga kulang-kulang kaming tatlo kasama si M hehehe. pwede palang pagsama-samahin kaming tatlo. kaya lang baka masobrahan ang pagiging kulang-kulang hahaha.

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