The husband and I had a good laugh yesterday. I mentioned this guy we ordered a curio from in a few of my posts here and in my other blog. Anyway, he's been coming up with alibi after alibi as to why he hasn't delivered yet and yesterday is probably the best of them: a customer who's supposed to pay him is in a coma. LOL. He ran out of excuses using his family members so now he's using his customers as alibis. Unbelievable. We're seriously thinking of just letting it go but we're also thinking of asking our lawyer to send him a letter already. We ordered that curio months before we got our Samsung flat screen TV. We had every intention to wait for the curio before getting the TV but our old TV sort of broke when hubby moved the cable box so we decided to buy the TV already without the curio. I guess it's time to find another curio and send that guy the long delayed ultimatum.


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