Balikbayan Box


Sent, finally!

Yep, I already shipped my balikbayan box after weeks of letting it sit on the foyer because I couldn't decide what I should put in it. I had no plans of sending a 20"x17"x23" box back home but I did...and it all started because of a digital camera I was requested to purchase here by a niece. As it happened, the camera was only the first of the many things I had to shop for online. Most of my spare time the past few weeks was spent looking for deals on lotions, colognes, hip hop clothing, pounds of chocolates and a million other things so I could send that humongous box to its final destination.

Honestly, it wasn't fun doing that [scouting the web for some things I can buy]. It's not because I had to spend money to do that but it's taxing to buy stuff for people I have not seen in almost 10 years. My nephews and nieces were just little ones when I left. Most of them are now teenagers, young adults and I have no clue what they're into so that makes it really hard for me to decide what to get them. But I was able to do it. If given a choice, I would rather send them the money and let them buy what they want. Oh well...if they don't like what I sent them, they can always give them to those who want them. Ouch!


Ciela said…
Wow, I'm sure your brothers, nephews and nieces will be thrilled to receive such big balikbayan box. At may bongga pang digital camera! Sana may sister din ako katulad mo! he he..

Happy sunshiny day, J!
Ilocana said…
me too! just sent one last Monday. and yah, not fun at all. dami pa namang mga request and di pa naman mabili in one place.. time consuming! hehehe..
""rarejonRez"" said…
i bet the receivers would really be jumping for joy upon receiving that giant box! i'm just curious, magkano padala dyan ng isang box? ;-)

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