Before the husband started his own business, he used to work for companies that offer health insurance. We all know how important it is to have health insurance coverage especially when you have a little one like us. I must say that we’ve been fortunate enough to have health insurance coverage from day one. I can only imagine how stressful it must be if one doesn’t have such coverage especially with a child in the family.

It’s been a few years since his business started. Since it’s only him and his partner working there, they agreed that they will just have to pay for their own health insurance until such time that the company can afford to pay for it. So for the last few years, we’ve been shouldering the monthly premium of our health insurance. As a result, we’ve been on a constant hunt for a better but cheaper health insurance.

Cheap or inexpensive health insurance is not easy to find. One needs to do extensive research in order to find an insurance that’s affordable which at the same time covers the important stuff like surgery, outpatient cost as well as prescription medication, etc. Finding the right health insurance policy for a family of 3 is always tricky especially now that I have a medical condition that needs to be considered. I am hoping that the new health care bill will be at our advantage. But who knows. I’m not even sure if those people who voted for it know exactly what they voted for. As for me, I’m just hoping for the best. For now, we're covered...but our eyes are always open for a better option.


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