Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeding Alligators!

That's one of the things we did yesterday. That's a first time. We've been seeing this mini golf course a few miles from our old place but we never got the chance to actually go there when we were still living near it. Now that we're about 20 miles from it, we finally got the chance to visit it. Ha!

The crocodile feeding was just one part of the attraction but the little one was all "gaga" about feeding them as well as the fish in the pond. Feeding the alligators was fun was a bit 'scary'...for me at least. I just can't help it when I see tens of them staring at us! Anyway, the little one had fun feeding them. Feeding the fish was not as exciting because they were not hungry. Fish food was floating around them so it was obvious BUT she had the throw in some more. Oh well...

More pics coming....

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J said...

hola! kumusta na? I'm back to normal on this very wet Monday afternoon dito sa amin. sounds like you had fun feeding the crocs.

anong activities ngayong holy week?
yung Jewish dito sa house,he's back to work kahit Passover hehe.